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Welcome to the World of Futuring™!

This is only one of the many expressions of Futuring™ and the brand, movement, culture and outcome it provides. Freedom. Life design. Fulfillment. Being completely UNLOCKED and UNBLOCKED.

The Futuring™ World includes a short film with some of the created team from Thor and Transformers 3, a docu-series we're preparing to pitch to Netflix, a Theme-park we're trademarked for, a video game, our coaching program, and much more!

It may seem like a lot, but one of the things we demonstrate is that when you're tapped in and plugged in to your Atomic Core™, what seems like a lot logically and to most people, has more leverage, more energy and more peace than doing even less when you're out of alignment.

Brad Lea mentioned that he feels books should cost $300+ because of the power they have to truly change lives and I've personally been shocked with how little I've paid for amazing books before, so this is a small 2 mm shift in that direction. There will be other ways to access this book if $90 is a challenge, but right now, with the delivery method and final product we have in mind, just like everything else we do, this will be different than anything you might expect and certainly from anything you've seen!

Thank you in advance for being a part of this journey. The book is written and complete but the illustrations and binding and publishing is still happening. Our goal is to win a few specific awards and for that we need certain publishers, so we're entertaining those options as well.

When you Click the "Pre-Order Now" Button, you'll be included in other aspects of this journey and updated to the latests and the greatest, so buckle up and journey with us!

Let's go Futuring™!

-The Wizard

Side Note... I'm seeing this being like the release of an iPhone, so these pre-orders are a way to ensure that we get the copies to the people on the day of release so if you'd like to surprise or gift friends, relatives, or your entire team to get unlocked with a huge smile on their faces, then simply order more copies here too!

Side Note three... (not two). It seems as if this is quite a book for children, but it's Adult-Fiction/Truth with a whimsical feel, like Dr. Suess or Harry Potter, so our goal is to completely fill the corporations with these books for employees as well! So, if you're an employee or employer, spread the word there and click "x10000" if you'd like. One way or the other we're going to set the world free!

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