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“Therapy doesn’t work” is something I hear from my clients all of the time.

If you’ve been seeing a therapist for several years then that’s already the answer right there. The fact that you’ve been taking a pill or a session like it’s a temporary pain-blocker is proving the point.

So what’s the answer?

It’s different for everyone but what’s not different is that solving the core issue is the only way out of the “prison of the mind.”

Financial freedom is beautiful and necessary but to be released from the financial prison only carries around mental fog and limitations while you’re on vacation, while you’re with your family, on the plane, at work, at night, in the sauna, is useless.

Clarity is gold.

You may feel bored.

Life might feel a little blah.

You may be stuck in some sort of a routine that’s not making you feel very alive all the while time is not slowing down for you.

“Time is expensive and money is cheap” is something I constantly remind people of because time isn’t slowing down and there’s an exercise that will freak even the most self-aware person out that demonstrates that I won’t go into right now because that’s not the point.

The point is to use money instead of time wherever you can. Cleaners, assistants, etc. It’s cheaper than time.

And therapy is costing you time.

I don’t have anything against therapists at all but my clients do, lol! Some of them left their therapists after 25 years of “pill taking” and “coddling.”

If you know that some mental clarity is going to improve your decision-making ability for something personal or in business, or if you feel like you have everything you need you just don’t quite know the best direction to channel it all in, then click on the link here and schedule a call to talk with me.

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I’ve asked my most self-aware, “woke”, and top performers in life and business what the difference is in speaking with me versus speaking to their therapist and they just laugh and said, “are you kidding me!!??” I said, “no.” One thing that stuck out to me is that it felt like therapy never really solved a problem, it just feels good for a little while.

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard received his name from the results his Celebrity and CEO clients were having as a result of learning the process of Futuring™. The Wizard has a degree in Pre-Medical Exercise Physiology and went on to act in Hollywood films, Television, Motion Capture for video games, Voice Overs for Cartoon Network, and then an award winning Director and Producer. He's passionate about his 6 children, skateboarding, and helping people break free of the prison of the mind by getting into Alignment, Mental Organization, and Futuring™. He is the author of Alignment Alchemy and conducts 8-Week Group Programs and a rare offering of one on one coaching. The best way to find him is through the website

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