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I’m calling out specifically to you IF this makes sense for you. If it doesn’t apply, no worries but I might not be able to help in a way that you’re ready for at this stage of your life.

If this isn’t you then I have free resources for you on IG and even Clubhouse when I go live there but this message is specifically for people I LOVE working with and who are certain that once they get all of the areas of their life aligned, they are the best at what they do and nothing can stop them.

Here we go.

Time is expensive and money is cheap is something you’re going to hear me say nonstop. So what can we do about that? What do we do with that practical bit of information?

You’ve got to learn to master time.

To compress it.

To create exponential possibilities and not simply wait, hope, wish, think, or lose all of your opportunities by focusing on the “wrong” thing.

Efficiency is going to be key for you if you want to master time.

Overwhelm, confusion, feeling lost or divided, are all enemies of the time.

Knowing everything about personal development but not quite sure of how to apply it to your own life is useless.

Knowledge is not power.

I hate that quote and I don’t use the word, hate, that much at all.

Intentional action on certain knowledge is efficient and powerful. That’s true power.

In a fight, are you just going flail your arms around with no intention, no focus, no analysis of your opponent?

I hope not.

Your opponent in this battle is you.

Not your circumstances, not your surroundings, not even your spouse (yet).

Who are you?

Why are you here?

It’s not enough to simply answer these questions but to distill the mental complexity down into actionable steps is the way.

Thought is great, but it’s not enough.

Meditation is nice, but we live here on earth for a reason right now. You have to know how to use that tool.

Escaping to a mountain isn’t sustainable and that’s not going to help you children or the legacy you know you’re here to build.

How do we bring all of your authentic self together in a way that continues to bring value to people, allows you to level up to mastery, and aligns more than just your business but your life and relationships as well?

We do that through Futuring™. We use tools like Atomic Core™ and your Circadian Schedule™ to practically understand how to create mental organization and order so that we can practically execute and fire on all cylinders.

Thats’ all I’ll say for now.

If this interests you and you’re the type of person who is ready to dive in and take action, even if you’ve had coaches and consultants and courses before and you’re a master of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie, then click on the link and schedule a call to talk with me about how and if I can help.

The truth is that IF I can help is a lot less of the question so much as if you’re the type of person who is ready to actually solve the problem or not. There IS a type. We’ve been doing this for a long time and the type of person is clear within the first 10 minutes of talking.

If I don’t “tell you how much it costs” on the call or “present an offer” to you, don’t take it personally. It just means you’re not quite ready yet and we’ll point you in the direction of what would help you for now.

Fair enough?


Talk soon.

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard received his name from the results his Celebrity and CEO clients were having as a result of learning the process of Futuring™. The Wizard has a degree in Pre-Medical Exercise Physiology and went on to act in Hollywood films, Television, Motion Capture for video games, Voice Overs for Cartoon Network, and then an award winning Director and Producer. He's passionate about his 6 children, skateboarding, and helping people break free of the prison of the mind by getting into Alignment, Mental Organization, and Futuring™. He is the author of Alignment Alchemy and conducts 8-Week Group Programs and a rare offering of one on one coaching. The best way to find him is through the website

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