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It’s crazy how the mind works.

It dances around the problem almost like it’s trying to never get caught.

There are so many symptoms that once you realize what to look for you’ll see them popping up everywhere.

What’s more is when you recognize what the symptoms mean, you’ll finally be able to solve the real problem.

Irritation, frustration, bothered with other people.

These are symptoms.

It sounds so strange but let me tell you this short story to show you exactly what’s happening.

There was a guy who was annoyed with his wife for the mess she didn’t clean up.

This wasn’t just once.

This was an ongoing thing.

He loved his wife.

She was nice, kind, and in his words, “hot.”

But these are small choices. Small purchases. Small noises were all distracting him.

About 2 months later he realized one day that he was easily overlooking those annoyances and that they were even beginning to improve almost on their own.

He noticed that it was almost interesting that the things that used to annoy him were somewhat making him smile.

What changed?

This is crazy weird but do you know what it was?

He started living his purpose.

How does this even relate!!??

I see it all of the time.

So ask yourself.

What’s “off” right now?

Am I living my purpose?

Am I taking action on my vision?

Why or why not?

Anyways, those little irritations that are taking up huge mental bandwidth can be solved.

It’s fascinating and challenging but at the same time quite simple.

It’s called Futuring™.

Talk soon.
-The Wizard

P.S. I know it might not be all of your faults and that your spouse has some leveling up to do as well. Don’t worry about that just yet. A misaligned spouse can definitely sabotage everything you’ve been building. But let’s start off with a quick look at what’s going on under the hood and we’ll take it from there.

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard received his name from the results his Celebrity and CEO clients were having as a result of learning the process of Futuring™. The Wizard has a degree in Pre-Medical Exercise Physiology and went on to act in Hollywood films, Television, Motion Capture for video games, Voice Overs for Cartoon Network, and then an award winning Director and Producer. He's passionate about his 6 children, skateboarding, and helping people break free of the prison of the mind by getting into Alignment, Mental Organization, and Futuring™. He is the author of Alignment Alchemy and conducts 8-Week Group Programs and a rare offering of one on one coaching. The best way to find him is through the website

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