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As a senior executive, you’re paid to make a small number of high-quality decisions.

You’re not paid to make thousands of decisions a day.

Jeff Bezos said that if he makes 3 decisions a day, that’s enough.

Bezos quoted Warren Buffet as saying that he makes 3 decisions a year!

These are HIGH-QUALITY decisions.

This level of decision-making is equating to Billions and then trillions of dollars.

Is that where you’re heading?

I know you have a vision that most people don’t understand.

I know you aren’t “normal” and that what’s normal for you is Rocket-Speed for other average people.

Decision-Making Speed, prowess, clarity is what will move the needle at the level you’re playing.

What that means is that there is no room for MENTAL CLUTTER.

There’s no room for second-guessing.

There is no possible way that confusion, strife, or doubt will even slightly enable you to reach the goals that you have in your mind.

The legacy you know you’re here to build.

Mindset is ok.

Meditation is ok.

Vacations are all right.

Diet and exercise. Ok.

Therapy. Ugh.

Productivity hacks. Nope.

None of these things are going to truly unlock your greatness. Unlock the speed of you.

That’s what happens when we Future together.


What can you expect with Futuring™?

Some people sign multi-million dollar deals after working together.

Some people have 5-figure speaking fees that are 4x what they were before we started working together.

Some people have a clear picture of their life path.

Some people go on to connect with Oprah.

The results are different based on the alignment of each person.

The results are determined based on what you already see right now as you’re thinking about this.

It’s simple.

It’s only hard because you’ve been trying everything you know.

It’s time to try what you don’t know.

If you knew it, you’d already have the results you want.

-The Wizard

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard

JB The Wizard received his name from the results his Celebrity and CEO clients were having as a result of learning the process of Futuring™. The Wizard has a degree in Pre-Medical Exercise Physiology and went on to act in Hollywood films, Television, Motion Capture for video games, Voice Overs for Cartoon Network, and then an award winning Director and Producer. He's passionate about his 6 children, skateboarding, and helping people break free of the prison of the mind by getting into Alignment, Mental Organization, and Futuring™. He is the author of Alignment Alchemy and conducts 8-Week Group Programs and a rare offering of one on one coaching. The best way to find him is through the website

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